Alderson House: Masonic Educational Event

Saturday 17th March saw the Five of Nine Club being educated! A contingent of members attended the truly fantastic Alderson House for a presentation from two very experienced Mason's. We were even joined by some fellow Brethren all the way from Lincoln.

It truly is a gem of a Temple, hidden in plain sight, on one of the main streets in Warwick. An imposing building with plenty of parking, despite the narrow streets nearby!

W. Bro Howard Smith ProvJGW and W. Bro Ian Hart PProvSGW gave excellent presentations and anecdotes on why the Lodge is as it is! They covered from why the carpet is so designed, to the various histories and workings, to the Aprons and Ranks. 


Ian especially shared his experiences of being a very long serving Tyler, both of individual Lodges and also Province. He shared an excellent overview of the roles, history and the experience that Tyler's bring. While not "in" the Lodge, they shouldn't just be remembered, but treasured!

They fielded a number of questions from the attending Brethren in an "all the things you wanted to know but were afraid to ask" session after the presentations, giving Brethren chance to widen their knowledge.

The day was rounded up with a fantastic Brunch sandwich, courtesy of the team at Alderson House. 

Our thanks both to Peter and his team and of course to the presenters Howard and Ian for their open, insightful and exciting presentations.

The 5 of 9 Club will be providing a number of these educational events throughout the year, so keep an eye out for future mailings to further your Masonic knowledge.