1. Quatour meaning “four” and Coronati meaning “crowned” – which is where we get our word “coronation”.
  2. The Church of the Four Crowned Martyrs was built in 619 AD and is now the site of St Alphege’s Church in Canterbury.
  3. Operative Stonemasons still revere “Ars Quatore Coronatum” (the art of the four crowned men) in Italy and Germany.
  4. The website for the Quatour Coronati Lodge 2076, which expertly describes the history of the Quatour Coronati, can be found here:
  5. An alternative version of these deaths is that they were thrown into the River Tiber, after being scourged with leaden thongs and encased in lead cases. In this version, the five masons were beheaded and scourged to death.


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