Five of Nine Club Victorious in Battle again!

Saturday 9th June 2018 saw our 2nd club Annual Paintball Event at NPF Bassets Pole, Birmingham. 

Young Masons Paintballing

It saw our members, family and friends join together in order to take on our opponents for the day. Once registration was complete, we were issued our battle gear, our ammo and then came the most essential item - our weapon of choice.  

Some of the team choosing to upgrade weapons, purchase paintball grenades and flash-bangs we could see that our team meant business and were taking no prisoners! After being assigned to the Blue team, it was goggles on and straight into the battlefield. 

The battle commenced, the blue team played very strategically, our members working together and on occasions being some of the last men standing. So it went on, battle after battle, the humid weather, the sweat pouring from us, and the sprints to the enemy base taking its toll.   

Shots were taken to the head, back, torso, legs and arms throughout the day mounted with the bruises clearly visible on our team. Being hit from a distance was painful enough but being shot at point-blank range was an experience which we would never want to repeat in a hurry. 

After a brief break in play for lunch, it was straight back on to the battlefield. Our weapons reloaded and our ammo topped up it was straight back into the action. 

Five of Nine Club - Paintballing
Five of Nine Club - New and Young Masons Paintballing

The final points game saw the blue team securing its position within the Wild West area, our team member being protected from the enemy fire within the centre of the play zone. The enemy quickly being taken out until our team was the last standing. 

IMG_20180609_132610 small.jpg

A resounding win from the blue team on the day with the red squad accepting final defeat. 

The last game of the day was every team for themselves, joining with other groups from the day's paintball action. 

With paintballs flying from every direction it was difficult to tell friend from foe. With smoke grenades filling the game zone and with a no-kill policy we advanced on our enemy releasing every last piece of ammunition. 

Hit with the enemy and friendly fire the casualty rate had grown at the end of the match. The marshals too being casualties from both sides. Battered and bruised walking away we reflected on a fantastic day spent with great friends. 

An experience for us all but most importantly meeting up with old friends and making new ones on the way. A brilliant day had by all and something which we hope to repeat for a future event.

Five of Nine Club - Paintballing event