Initiates Dinner

Wednesday 9th December 2015 was the date I was initiated, I'll never forget it; how could I? That wonderful evening was in my mind as my wife and I were en route to our very first Initiates Dinner with my proposer and his better half.

Having been a mason for less than 12 months I am very much just out of the blocks, however I have been lucky enough to see a number of new members join our lodge. These experiences gave me some confidence as I walked through the grand entrance of The Manor Hotel. The realisation of how new I really am dawned on me as we entered the reception room, greeted by some of the most senior members of Freemasonry in Warwickshire. It was daunting, but for just a few seconds. That is one of the most inspiring things I have found about Freemasonry. Whether you enter a lodge or a function room full of Masons, you are always on the same level. My wife and I were immediately greeted by an Assistant Provincial Grand Master, yet you would think we had known each other for years. Quite impressive considering how new I am!

Dinner was served while we chatted away to our new friends around the table. The food was excellent and the wine was flowing, as always. Most importantly though the company was best. It was important to me to be able to talk to fellow masons that had been through the same experiences as me. Although everyone's lodge is different in its own unique ways, I could relate to everyone I spoke to.

Following dinner there were some brilliant talks from our PGM and DepPGM. Both very informative and supporting my ideal of a brotherhood that will always be part of my life. In between the talks our chairman, Dan Thomas addressed the room to promote The Five of Nine Club. The room was silent and focused as Dan explained the need for such a club to support our new and young brethren. It was then that I really understood why I am part of the club. It engages me with young people, gives me a new side of my social life that I didn't even know was missing and encourages me to get out and support the local community. A great way to end a fantastic evening!

By W. Wakefield