Stop the Pigeon

On Saturday the 17th of September 14 members and guests of the Five of Nine Club went to Warwickshire Adventure sports for a morning of Clay Pigeon shooting.

After a thorough safety brief and being issued with appropriate safety equipment, the members split in to two teams. All members had the opportunity to shoot 20 clays of varying types of difficulty.  We had the option of three ‘traps’, which soon rapidly increased in difficulty.

Some of course did better than others with our Chairman coming a very close second with 15/20 clays hit. After the shoot the club went to the Cape of Good Hope pub for a drink or two and a bite to eat.

This was a good opportunity for the club members to meet with each other, socialise and in some cases book in visits to each other’s lodges. Once again this event received excellent reviews from the members and many are looking forward to the visit to Scotland in November.

By S. Phillips