The Consecration of a new Lodge, Collegiate No. 9943

Bright and early on Saturday (6 am) morning a small team of brethren arrived at the University of Warwick’s Slate conference centre to change it in a little over two hours from a meeting room to a Masonic lodge room.

Final rehearsals for the founders led by Dr David Staples DepGDC then took place with all the brethren quickly put at ease by the team from UGLE. Shortly after the provincial team rehearsed and then it was time to start.

W.Bro MaRK

W.Bro MaRK

With over 200 brethren from across the Warwickshire Province, The United Grand Lodge of England and beyond assembled for the consecration. The Assistant Grand Master Sir David Hugh Wootton processed in and conducted the consecration ceremony with perfection. The ceremony itself is very special and unique within Freemasonry, it really was magnificent to see, and with the assistance of RWBro Robert Vaughan Worcestershire PGM and RWBro Peter Taylor Shropshire PGM, it really brought the regions Freemasons together.

R.W Bro David Macey, Warwickshire Provincial Grand Master then took the chair and installed W.Bro Mark Greenburgh PAGReg and Chairman Designate of United Grand Lodge of England's Universities Scheme as founding master of the Lodge.

Although this was not a Five of Nine event the Club are very pleased to have been able to attend this wonderful event in the history of the Province of Warwickshire and Coventry in particular.

The Five of Nine Club are also delighted that two brethren Bro. W Watson and Bro. S Phillips (Club Secretary) are founders and are fortunate enough to be founding treasurer and steward respectively.

We look forward to supporting this newly consecrated Lodge and encouraging students from both the Universities of Warwick and Coventry in taking their first steps on the Masonic Journey and likewise welcoming the new initiates of Collegiate Lodge into our Club.