The lights are out... And they're off! #5of9 Karting

So the day had come for our members, friends and familyto put their game faces on for our GO KART, MINI GRAND PRIX EVENT at TeamSport, Oldbury.

The morning started with a fast registration and after picking up our race kit and watching all of our safety briefings the time had come.

Looking around the room each one of us sizing up our competition wandering who was the fastest and more skilled driver.

Finally we made our way onto the track. Fully kitted up we got into our allocated Go Karts and set up the kart for the race ahead.

So it began. 10 minutes of timed laps each one of us trying to negotiate the difficult bends around the course hoping that we would be in that pole position.

After the timed laps had finished the results were in with W.Bro Mike Lang landing pole position followed by our chairman W.Bro Dan Thomas and our membership secretary Bro Warwick Wakefield. The rest of us bringing up the rear at the back of the grid.

After a much needed refreshment break we moved our karts to our grids and start positions. The time had come for the ultimate race to begin. And we were off!!.

With everyone trying to muscle in to their positions the first bend was a disaster for at least 5 of us with 5 cars making contact with each other. Luckily no major casualties but two drivers were given the dreaded black flag and directed towards the pits giving a slight advantage towards the rest of the field.

After 20 minutes of black flags, amber warning lights, contacts, overlaps and above all skilled driving we were given the chequered flag. The ultimate race was over.

We made our way upstairs for the winners to be announced:

  • 3rd place one of our guests Dan Henson
  • 2nd place W.Bro Mike Lang
  • 1st place with some very swift and skilled driving our chairman W.Bro Dan Thomas.

The top three all receiving trophies for their efforts.

However as the saying goes it's not the winning it's the taking part that's counts. And having looked at the reactions on everyone's faces, their discussions during the event and afterwards we knew the day was a great success.

This event proved to be another great success and another fine example of bringing our Masonic and non-Masonic friends together for another fun packed day.

I am sure we will return and we will see if our chairman can retain his title at the next big race.

By C. Foster