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Chairman - C. Burke

I am proud to be a founding member of the Five of Nine Club, and having being involved in its development from an idea to one of the most successful new and young masons clubs in the UK. I joined Freemasonry in 2012 through the UGLE University Scheme and was initiated into the University of Birmingham Lodge 5628, where I am currently the Junior Warden. By day, I am in the process of completing my PhD and  relishi the time I spend with my young family. I am interested in the Arts, Culture, Tech, International Relations, and all things Marvel. If you were to ask me, Apple or Android? It’s Android every day. What’s left of my free time is dedicated to learning Spanish and Wing Chun Kung Fu. 


Deputy Chairman - D. Norman

Having been initiated into Freemasonry in 2015 as an active member of Lodge of Development, it is splendid to now also be part of a Masonic community specifically assisting younger members. My first experience of 5 of 9 was a charitable event re-decorating a facility at the local Children’s Hospice. It was obvious the founding Committee were keen to make a difference, having fun while exemplifying the principles of brotherly support and charity. Subsequent social, charitable and educational events have been superb and assisting the Committee was something of a “no brainer”. Outside of Masonry, I am recently married to a beautiful, supportive (and patient!) wife. I am involved in several businesses, primarily in property and focusing on refurbishment - a long term passion. Interests include fitness and personal development.


Membership Secretary - W. Wakefield

I'm a new Freemason myself having been initiated in December 2015 so being a part of the formation of the Five of Nine Club has been a hugely rewarding start to my life as a mason. This year I will be raised to Master Mason at my mother lodge St. Peter's which I was proposed and initiated into by our club chairman Dan. At home I have a beautiful wife and two year old boy and we are expecting another bundle of joy in March. My wife and I run a catering and food development consultancy which has been a real rollercoaster ride for the last few years and the best job I've ever had! In any spare time we do have, we enjoy spending time with our extended family and rambling through the local parks and forests.

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Senior Events Secretary - C. Foster

I have been involved with Five of Nine since its initial formation and I really enjoy the role of Social Events Secretary.  It is fantastic to see how 5of9 has grown over such a short period of time. I am currently Junior Warden of St Peter's Lodge having been proposed into Freemasonry in 2010 by our chairman Dan.  I really enjoy my Masonry, the journey and the challenge of the different roles, so much so I have proposed both my brother and father into Freemasonry. I have one daughter and I will be marrying my fiancée later this year. My other passion is dogs, I currently have four working dogs at home, training and developing them into working animals has been very rewarding, away from my family, dogs and Freemasonry I also enjoy martial arts.

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Past Chairman/ Committee Member - D. Thomas PProvJGD

Having been initiated into St Peter’s Lodge No 7334 back in 2008, I held every progressive office becoming Worshipful Master in 2008 a role that I thoroughly enjoyed as did my wife, Jenna.  Through our Charitable activities not only did we have an awful lot of fun, but we raised a huge amount of money (£11,000) for local charity Autism West Midlands, rewarding doesn’t cover it!  At the same time, I was also in the process of forming and launching the Five of Nine Club.  As founding Chairman, I look back on the last 2 ½ years with immense pride and satisfaction at what we have achieved as a close-knit team of volunteers, and I look forward to supporting the Club as it grows in strength and number under the great leadership of current Chairman Bro Carey Burke.  I have held active office within the Province as a Provincial Grand Steward from 2017-2018, and have recently been exalted into Athol Chapter No 74 a ceremony I will never forget!  I still hold office within my mother lodge and will soon be invested as DC; there is always a new challenge!  I am also a member of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Warwickshire’s Education and Development committee and been involved in many of the recent initiatives including the three-year plan and 20/20 Vision. Outside of Freemasonry I am a 24/7 shift worker, married to my beautiful wife and we have two small children who never stop, so sitting still doesn’t happen often!

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Committee Member - C. Bennett

I was proudly initiated into my Mother Lodge, Lodge of Happiness No. 7952, in 2010. I have thoroughly enjoyed all my years in Freemasonry and I have become a member of Faith and Hope Holy Royal Arch Chapter, No. 4772, and I have recently become a member of the Lodge of Industry, No. 5123. I am also a member of The 5 Point Circle, Lodge of Instruction who meet every Tuesday. Its purpose is to develop Masons who are below rank of Worshipful Master. Over a number of years I have gained invaluable knowledge and practiced and developed my ritual. In my Mother Lodge I am currently Senior Warden and I look forward to my time as Worshipful Master. My first event with the Five of Nine Club was a charitable event where a group of us decorated communal areas of a Children’s Hospice. This event made it clear that the Five of Nine Club could make a real difference and I have had no hesitation in becoming a member and supporting them with their charitable work and social events. I have a very supportive wife at home and a young son; I work as a Health, Safety and Environmental Officer for an Automotive Firm in Birmingham. I have a keen interest in both motor racing and martial arts.