His-story, Our Story, Your Stories

The Five of Nine Club is committed to sharing our values and experiences of our members. Therefore we are proud to promote a new initiative called Your Stories. We are aware that our members come from all walks of life, and represent a diverse range of thoughts, ideas and experiences.

All too often our members achieve great things in our personal and professional worlds, and we’d love to hear about it. Your Stories gives you an opportunity to be loud and proud or a gentle giant in a safe space. Your Stories could relate to how your personal or professional world has been enhanced by Freemasonry, what your lodge got up to at the last meeting, a short paper or something that relates to your business or organisation. Nearly anything really.

Often through the grapevine, we hear about numerous activities and good causes that have been supported, and often as Freemasons, we are accused of being too humble and not sharing all the good we do at throughout all levels of society. Well, Your Stories allows you to be proud of your humility whilst remaining humble in your proudness.

Some of the things our members have engaged in:

  • Organising 20s and Cowboy themed ladies nights and raising £1,000s for charity.
  • Participating in Wolf runs, Tough Mudder or jumping out of planes for charity.
  • Creating start-ups, with one tech start-up winning awards in the field of health.
  • Visiting over 12 different lodges in a Masonic year.
  • Supporting Provincial initiatives such as the 2020 Vision or 2023 Festival.
  • Climbing mountains, driving trains, chasing bad guys or saving lives in the NHS.

What we’re after

This is about Your Stories and we would like to encourage you to share your experiences and tales through a short blog or a paper on a subject of your choice.

This can be as complex or as simple as you like, we’d ask for I minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 2,000, and images if you have them. And all we ask is that your submission covers Why, How, What, Where or When, or explains the Situation, Task, Action and Result.

Please ensure you include your name and lodge, and your twitter handle (i.e. @fiveofnineclub) and or Facebook name if you would like to be tagged in the post. Alternatively, you can remain anonymous if you wish. All approved submissions will be posted on our website and shared via social media.

For further information, or to return your submission, please contact info@fiveofnineclub.org.uk

What you could write about

  • What Freemasonry means to me/ How Freemasonry has helped.
  • How I incorporate Freemasonry into my professional or personal life.
  • Why I joined Freemasonry.
  • What activities are you engaged in, good causes, promotions or campaigns.
  • General thoughts, ideas or opinions.
  • how being. Warwickshire Freemason has had a positive impact upon you and your life.