A word from the Chairman

It is with great pride that on Saturday 21st May at the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting I saw our Patron the Provincial Grand Master David Macey formally launch the Five of Nine Club, the club for new and young Freemasons in the province of Warwickshire.  I am honoured to have been involved in the creation of this club and to be Chairman for the first year of its life.

Where did the club come from and Why has it been created you may be asking?  Well, at a meeting of the education and development committee in mid-2015 I highlighted that as part of the provinces strive to retain Freemasons we needed something extra for the new and young brethren in Warwickshire something fresh and dynamic that would host exciting events and activities to further enhance the Masonic experience and also give a voice to the future of Freemasonry in our province, with the kind assistance of our President, Phil Hall and the full support of the province we set about creating what you now know to be the Five of Nine Club, I must stress I haven’t done this alone, not by a long shot but with a dedicated and driven committee at my side.

I believe that we have built great foundations and with the support of its members we will grow in strength year on year, I hope that our programme of events and activities has something for everyone and that we can all get to know each other better whilst having fun and enhancing the fantastic experience we already have from our fraternity, likewise if there’s something that you think we should be doing then let us know!  

Dan Thomas

Chairman, The Five of Nine Club