Why I joined the Five of Nine Club

My life as a Freemason has only just begun. Following my initiation in December 2015 to join this fantastic organisation I quickly saw the many ways it would help me grow and develop myself. I feel lucky to have joined a lodge that maintains its traditions, yet is driven into the modern world by its younger members. I've received an incredible amount of support from the more experienced members of my lodge, but it is the new and younger brethren I can relate to most and progress through Freemasonry with.

I quickly became aware that unlike my lodge, St. Peter's, many other Warwickshire lodges have a limited number of new and young members. I jumped at the chance to join The Five of Nine Club because as a new Freemason myself I understand how important it is to share the unique experiences with the young men that are on the same journey as myself. The Five of Nine Club will allow me to get to know fellow young Freemasons and visit their lodges to enhance my own experiences as well as theirs. Being a club member also has the added bonus of extra social events throughout the year.......and who wouldn't enjoy that??

I know that being a part of this club will help me develop myself socially as well as give me more of an understanding of Freemasonry throughout the whole province. I hope everyone else shares my enthusiasm to what is going to be an exciting future for the "Light Blues" of Warwickshire.

By W. Wakefield