No Retreat, No Surrender...

So the time had come for our members, family and friends to go into battle.

It had arrived, Saturday 16th July our paintball event at NPF BASSETTS POLE.

Once check in was complete we were issued our battle gear, our ammo and then came our weapons of choice. This was like going back in time playing soldier and army at school but we knew that these weapons would hurt.

After a quick brief and being allocated to the blue team it was goggles on and straight into the battlefield.

The battle commenced, blue team playing very strategically our members working together and on occasions being some of the last men standing.

The zip of the Paintball as it flew past your face and body made you think ‘this is going to hurt’ and it did!

So it went on, battle after battle, the humid weather, the sweat pouring from us, the strategy being played by our members and the sprints to the enemy base took its toll . No casualties being taken on the day, but head shots, back, torso, legs and arms with bruises very visible.

Not quite a festive board

Not quite a festive board

We stopped play briefly for lunch which was welcoming until it was straight back onto the battlefield.

Our weapons reloaded and our ammo topped up it was straight back into the action.

More wins from the blue team came until it was time to remove our blue tape. Our enemy on the red team now become our allies as we battled the final match.

Paintballs flying from every direction it was difficult to tell friend from foe. Hit with enemy and friendly fire the casualty rate had grown at the end of the match. The marshals too being casualties at times.

The blue team had been declared victorious with our members obtaining crucial points throughout the day to secure victory.

Battered and bruised walking away we reflected back on an amazing day spent with great friends.

Thank you to those who were able to join us, it was great to have your support and to the members who sent their wishes and were unable to make it.

I hope that our members will join us in the near future for a possible return visit.

By C. Foster