Conference Details

About the NYMC Conference 2017

The New and Young Masons Conference is possibly the largest annual event for New and Young Masons clubs in the United Kingdom, for committee members, representatives and leaders of the Craft.  Attracting Freemasons from across the United Kingdom and representing well over 40 provinces, NYMCC 2017 will provide a warm and friendly environment for sharing ideas, networking and finding inspiration.

We are building on the success of NYMCC 2016 that was hosted by the Adair Club and welcomed over 60 delegates for a day of stimulating debate and discussions in the city of Bath.

The Five of Nine Club welcomes brethren to join us at Severn Street Masonic Hall in Birmingham on Saturday October 14th to imagine, solve, and share with likeminded individuals.

Conference Theme

'Building and Maintaining the Foundations'

This year’s NYMC Conference has been designed to help both new and existing clubs build and develop into vibrant and exciting platforms for brethren from all over the country to be part of. If you have already set up a successful club, your ideas and experiences will be invaluable for those who are thinking about starting up a club for their province.

We will be discussing sustainability via membership, enrolment and merchandise; governance and best practice for running an accomplished club as well as sharing top tips for marketing, social media and organising inspiring events for members.

Who Should Attend

NYMCC 2017 welcomes two delegates from each of the 48 provinces or established clubs from across the country to join us in Birmingham.  Delegates will be able to take part in interactive discussions, breakout groups, hear keynote talks, and find out current developments and hear examples of best practice from across the United Kingdom.

Unfortunately, this is a closed event and is only open to the committee members of NYMCs or representatives from provinces without an NYMC.

If we have any spaces left after an initial application period then we will open the remaining seats on a first come first served basis.